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Founding Members:

Rev. Yaw Nkansah & Mrs. Perpetual Nkansah  
Rev. Tetteh Suomi Akunor & Mrs. Constance Akunor 

Mrs. Susana Barning.

The Ghanaian Presbyterian National Women’s Fellowship of North America began in 1999. 

The founders discovered that women's fellowship was a very successful ministry in many churches and believed that fellowship could be an encouraging tool for  women in the Ghanaian Presbyterian North American churches. They believed that women’s fellowship would allow women to come together as one large ministry to share God's love and gain spiritual, mental and physical growth. 

Also, with fellowship, the women would encourage and support those who may be hurting, lonely, or discouraged in their everyday lives.

Furthermore, families, churches and the community would greatly benefit from a group of prayerful women through fellowship.

The purpose of the Ghanaian Presbyterian Women’s Fellowship of North America  is to plan activities with spiritual ministry in mind, with the belief that having a core group of people who care and pray for each other is a ministry in itself. 

Women’s fellowship is not just a fancy name for something already happening in our church. It is a name for interaction between women with a goal in mind. Through fellowship, the women in our churches get the chance to focus on a vital part of church growth and sustainability.

The National Women’s Fellowship is blessed by unity occurring purposefully rather than by chance. Getting involved with others as a duty has resulted in immeasurable blessings on our behalf. 

We humbly thank our founders for spreading the Word through women. In the same way, our Lord Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, who went to the villages, and evangelized what she saw and heard from the Lord.

Further appreciation is extended to the leadership and support of  Rev. Paulina Dankwah, Rev. Asabea Aboagye, Rev. Andrew Aboagye, Rev. Samuel M. Atiemo and Rev. Philomena Ofori-Nipaah, all ministers and their spouses, previous and current executives, and members at both the national and local churches.

Yehowa Nni Moakyi!!  Na Yehowa Nhyira Mo!

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The Fellowship aims to help the women in the church lead exemplary lives as Christian women in love and unity, so that at home, in the market, and the public, their behavior will attract other women to Christ.


Let your light shine before men so that they may see the good work of you and they will glorify the name of God. Mathew 5 vs 16

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